No discussion of the future is complete without a reference to the past.  Originally started as an anti-establishment publication in late 2009, the primitive original e-magazine was released until March 2010. It was initially released via PDF hosting sites and emailed links, until it was given aid and shelter by members of various activist groups and third party members. It became a forum for communication across campaign, party, and political organization lines.

After February 2010, the project began to stifle under extreme sanction, hinging primarily on a senate election. It struggled on for a few more months as a blog before it was ended, though publication of the periodical was discontinued after the March edition. Once the blog was discontinued, the domain lapsed.

The domain was purchased for a few years by another writer (identity unknown), where it served as a blog, dealing with policy issues and various other topics. This lapsed several years ago. We followed its progress with some interest, and we were sad to see it go. *

This is the archive of the original publications, presented in their delivered formats, at the time. They are awkward and clunky, but they were a part of the process. From Gatewood to GOOOH to Rand to the rise of the TEA Party, we covered it and lived it, together.

Most of the angry words have been replaced with new friendships, wistful remembrances of friends lost, rebuilt bridges, and new issues which are constantly redrawing the political maps. There is no need for recriminations of the past, but this exists as a record of what was seen and felt at the time, for better or for worse, and nothing more.


*If you know who ran it, please contact us!